With the ultimate goal of initiating a competitive and efficient green hydrogen market in Europe, H2Market proposes the creation of interregional value chains by fostering collaboration between regions in different innovations in the fields of hydrogen production, transport and use. Asturias is one of the 10 participating regions and collaborates in actions related to the production, transport and use of hydrogen in mobility and in the energy sector.

Project Initiated

Project Status

Feb. 2023
In Progress

Team Members

César Valmaseda Tranque
European Projects Technician
Indalecio González Fernández
Technical Coordinator

Project description

The aim of the project is to promote inter-regional cooperation in the renewable hydrogen market for:

1. Prevent market failures by connecting supply and demand between regions

2. Coordinate investment in different parts of the value chain.

3. Promote an intensive exchange of information related to hydrogen ecosystems This promotion of the renewable hydrogen value chain will be done with a focus on pursuing the decarbonisation of the economy, fostering the integration of SMEs and achieving a strengthening of the competitiveness of regions in the hydrogen market.

FAEN, together with EDP, Signal Software, Hidritec, Táctica TIC, Sazepi, Tresca and ALSA, represents Asturias in the project. The regional ecosystem proposed is linked to the Aboño hydrogen valley. FAEN collaborates in the project by providing information on the region related to renewable hydrogen and its associated industrial chain, as well as participating in the project's communication activities.

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