GlocalFlex seeks to promote solutions and products to improve grid flexibility at all levels of operation (from producers, through distributors and demand aggregators to consumers). The project aims to develop a fully automated system that enables the execution of grid flexibility orders in Local Energy Systems by using ICT tools based on open standards that allow consumers to participate in the market. The GlocalFlex model will allow any Local Energy Community or any positive Energy District to offer grid flexibility through the use of appropriate hardware in a competitive manner. To validate these solutions, 6 pilots are planned in Europe and one of them will be developed in Asturias.

Project Initiated

Project Status

Dec. 2022
In Progress

Team Members

César Valmaseda Tranque
European Projects Technician
Indalecio González Fernández
Technical Coordinator

Project description

The project seeks a system to mobilise services and demand-response solutions by scaling up flexibility in flexible local energy systems through easy access to flexible energy markets for consumers in all sectors. In this way, the electricity system could:

  1. Being flexible through energy consumption to provide quality services to the network
  2. Be flexible through its own evolution, through change, renewal and integration of new consumers and micro-networks.

In this way, GlocalFlex can contribute to the further integration of renewable production technologies and at the same time ensure grid stability.

FAEN acts as the regional agency for Asturias, is part of the Asturias pilot and participates in the communication and dissemination tasks of the project.

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