GINNGER proposes to develop a co-creation methodology aimed at supporting neighbourhood rehabilitation processes considering technological, economic, environmental and social aspects. The methodology will be based on innovations for social progress and on the involvement of public policies. This co-creation methodology will be validated in 6 different neighbourhoods in Europe, one of them in Asturias. It is envisaged to carry out up to 21 regeneration actions among the 6 pilots based on the co-creation methodology.

Project Initiated

Project Status

Nov. 2023
In Progress

Team Members

César Valmaseda Tranque
European Projects Technician
Indalecio González Fernández
Technical Coordinator

Project description

The project pursues the regeneration of neighbourhoods under a co-creation methodology in a way that achieves the following objectives

Identify the main constraints to applying co-creation-based approaches to regenerating neighbourhoods.

  • Promote low-emission, more sustainable, inclusive and affordable neighbourhoods through the implementation of tailor-made regeneration measures.
  • Increasing the participation of stakeholders through the application of a co-creation methodology.
  • Support both actions and strategies using a suite of digital tools for neighbourhood regeneration and environment building.
  • Ensure the demonstration and validation of GINNGER solutions in six pilots under different local conditions.

  • Promote the dissemination of results and collaboration with similar projects.

FAEN's actions are mainly focused on the implementation and validation of the tools and methodology in the Asturias pilot. Specifically, FAEN will be in charge of everything related to the local energy community that will be implemented in Langreo. Additionally, FAEN will collaborate in all communication and other horizontal activities that will be developed within the framework of the project.

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