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Webinar "Keeping an eye on the transition: how is progress monitored in the just transition regions?"

The Just Transition Mechanism is a key strategy to enable a just transition to climate neutrality in the framework of the EU Green Deal. The chosen Just Transition regions have developed their Territorial Just Transition Plans and are now in the implementation phase. As the regions face a number of challenges, such as tight timelines for project implementation, lack of project implementation capacity and lack of roadmaps, there is a need to apply progress monitoring mechanisms. But how do we measure progress and what is the experience to date?

The European project JUSTEM together with SITRANS y RePower the Regions organised the webinar "Keeping an eye on the transition: are we monitoring our progress?"The event, which was part of the Sustainable Energy Days #EUSEW 2024presented the different approaches that each project is working on to assess the progress of the just transition process in their regions.

The speakers discussed the experiences so far in monitoring progress and the main challenges they are facing, as well as possible solutions to be developed. The session concluded with 4 recommendations for a more effective monitoring process.

For more information on the solutions presented by the projects, read our summary article of the event and a recording of the event and the presentations are available at the following link link

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Keeping an eye on the transition: how is progress monitored in the just transition regions?


Jun. 20, 2024

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