Who we are

The Fundación Asturiana de Energía (FAEN), constituted on 16th July 2001 and registered in the Register of Educational and Cultural Foundations of General Interest of the Principality of Asturias on 10th October 2001, is an entity with its own legal personality and full capacity to act, of a scientific-technical, welfare, cultural and educational nature, It is governed by Law 50/2002, of 26 December, on Foundations and its implementing regulations, by the rules that, in interpretation and development of the same, are approved by the Board of Trustees, as well as by the rest of the applicable legal and regulatory provisions in force or which may modify or replace them in the future. The Foundation is attached to the Administration of the Principality of Asturias.

The object and purpose of the Foundation is to promote, carry out and develop any advisory, research, technological progress, services, awareness and training activities in the field of energy, environmental sustainability and others - directly or indirectly - related to them.

It covers all energy sources, infrastructures, technologies for energy generation, transformation, transport, storage and use; as well as energy management, standards and regulation, energy and energy-related financial and energy markets and other related sectors, from the perspective of both suppliers and consumers.

It carries out energy-related activities related to studies, planning, dissemination, auditing, training, consultancy and advice, energy technology research and financial participation in energy projects, as well as the continuous monitoring of the evolution of projects and the search for the necessary means to facilitate the achievement of the proposed energy objectives.

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