Energy Communities (OTC)

The OTC FAEN develops all the types of action reflected in Article 8 of the regulatory bases (Order TED/1021/2022): Dissemination, Accompaniment and Advice.

  • Dissemination: Activities aimed at awakening general interest in the creation of Energy Communities, with conferences of different scope depending on the target audience. Dissemination days, training courses and "Success Stories" cycles will be planned. The activities will be scheduled in the "Energy Communities" tab «OTC Agenda«, they can also be proposed or consulted through the channels listed in the «Contact«.
  • Accompaniment: Individualised service provided to groups interested in creating an Energy Community, whereby they will be accompanied in making decisions on the possibilities of the project and the organisational model and, once this has been decided, support them in defining it and in carrying out the viability analysis of the projected activity model. The provision of this service must be requested through the Form (click link).
  • Advice: In this phase, support will be given to the execution, start-up and operation of the technical projects and the constitution of CCEE, monitoring the fulfilment of their planning and attending to the needs for technical support and advice. Work will be carried out in the project constitution and execution stages and in the subsequent operation stage.

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